Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm so careless ==

Today i have my house practice at school as usual. That day was too hot for me. When i run 600m, this kind of weather almost cause me to have asthma.
Back home. logged in my msn. MC call me go gym because there is new machine to play == Those machine were nice and brand new. I use it and run for 1.2km. Before i run, I put my phone into a hole where is used to put bottle. 10 minutes over, I was so tired and need to cooldown. I quickily come out from the deoxygenated room. Then i went in again and MC want to go back home already. I said i want to go his home but he said he want to go out later i so i just take my umbrella and went back. ( know what i miss already?)
After having dinner, i use the computer again. It's 9pm, i want to find my phone to call someone. Suddenly i remember that I left my phone in the gym room. omg! quickly went back there but no phone was there. Then i go to the guard house there and asked. That guard said mc did ask also but he's not the one who took it.
Now i knew which guard took the phone, mc said that he was a nice guard. Hope i can get back my phone tomorrow =(

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