Saturday, February 2, 2008

Merentas Desa

Today i went to school with confident after i realized that my asthma gone. Due to some technical problem. The race is delayed for while. I was in the middle of the L2 group while waiting the '321, go' . Then the race started. I was running with my friend. we two were running slowly as the route is 8km long still. We continue to chase many runner as most of them exhausted. after 2km i call for a stop but my friend say he want continue. I walk for 15 seconds then chase back my friend and i repeat that for few times before i reach the temple. After the temple my friend is behind me already, i saw some people which i kinda lan si before the run. So i decided to get them. But before make them dissapear at my front view, I already starting to stop more. There were many turns that seems the route never end. Not for long i saw a group which contains 4-5 form4 runners. I always attempt to get over them i just can't. i stop again then i 25 metres in front of them. Before went in the turn to taman jaya, i feel my hand is cooling. Quite weird about that. at the garden, i try my best not to stop but still i stopped once when i just left taman. Then continue but already started to slowing down. Suddenly, the en.chan shouted " L1 L2 still got chance, the back there one gameover" . That time i was thinking that if i still got chance why don't i just run. Then i run quite fast. And finally, i reached there and took a card. I was really exhausted. later, i went check whether i was in the 30th. The result doesn't make me happy. Well, at least not sad because i still got some marks. I try not to blame anything but i realized that the pill i took had somehow made me tired fast.

Hoping the next merentas desa will get a good result.

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