Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My First TIME

Went for football this morning in Old Town. That field was hell big size. 80x 180 I think lol

After that went for mamak stall for breakfast with the gang. Everyone had ordered for at least 2 drinks. Two of my friends were crazy, 3 drinks, 2 roti and 1 maggi goreng...


When we all want to go back home already, my friend teach me to take bus. " take U76"

When we reach the bus stop, their bus came, all gone. Left me behind T.T

Then nothing to do go check the bus map there. WTF !! U76 wasn't going back to my house..

It's U75 =.='

forgot to tell you, this is the First time I take bus. I keep waiting and waiting..

Man... 30 minutes gone like that. Another 15minutes only came. Almost reach my limit to call my parents to fetch...

Not even 3 minutes, then DAO LIAO. I feel so stupid, walk also no need 45 minutes lah.

Damn you government,

what kind of public transport you have here?

need to wait till lat fu only come


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