Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conclusion for the 2nd exam


I apologize to everyone that I haven't been blogging for weeks. 

So, you still remember that the EXPERIMENT that I made for the previous exam? I was totally screw up with the result that gave me a lesson:

Don't ever study last few hours

Second exam ended, I said that I would study much earlier this time but I didn't really do it. I was just study once a week. During the holiday I play MAPLE STORY for 3 hours everyday. Anyway this exam I prepared a little earlier than first exam which I only study 1 day before exam.

Today, teachers had already distribute some of the subjects. overall I'm still improving although it's not very high marks.

I know that this exam can't really prove that study earlier can get better result but at least it shows some result.

and seriously I just hate

OBJECTIVES Questions !!!!!

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BryanYeo said...

Hey, i tot you said objective paper not important one???