Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sorry.... PS

For the previous post, I said i will be study at MPPJ library at 11.30 but on Monday the library 2pm only open.. SORRY T.T

For today, went to rakan muda for futsal with cheng hoe and the gang. DAMN the sun so bright f5

Then, after breakfast some go chao gei. I didn't join because I planned to STUDY at the library ^^

Cheng hoe, ji fai, 1 guy and me went to library.

Once in the library only, Cheng hoe met his friend and sit with that girl already SWT'

Left me and 2 frens, keep chatting. At first, I was had plan to study de so i brought all my " ga chang" there but we were keep
talking crap

Cheng hoe so fast kau lui, leave us over there TT
neh, go for that girl girl there, use a book ask her what's the meaning ....
all the girls that come here ar sure got a little qi zhi...
waaaaa, your phone no bluetooth ?
cheng hoe, so fast come back for wat? that girl waiting lah. her brain keep saying "cheng hoe, cheng hoe"
fren lai de lah, fren ba liao
when i went to the anugerah cemerlang ar, i saw a very leng lui girl, she's a MALAY ==
i go work when hari raya ar, got allowance 20 bucks, got 1 day triple o
the malay are very bekerjasama de ... yalor
but look at CHS, no eye see......

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