Thursday, September 11, 2008

8 to be GREAT



1. Passion

2. Work


4. Push

5. Ideas

6. Improve

7. Serve

8. Persist

Today I went to MBPJ library to meet my friend. Although he's from C class and was quite lazy for the past few years, he come to library now almost everyday to study. HE CHANGED. I'm proud of him.

Now talk about the book. How I manage find that book?

Answer : Walking with my friend in the library and suddenly discovered this book. The cover look simple but don't know why I just took the book and read.

What's inside the book?

Answer : Words written by Richard St. John that will lead you to GREAT SUCESS. Basically, he's explaining the 8-Traits by using successful people's quotes.

I borrowed the book, reading it now. It's a fantastic book, really.

Funny feedbacks:

My husband as never read a book in his life, except bedtime stories to the kids. But he picked up this bok and has actually finished it. I'm thrilled!

Marnie Ballane - director of business development, Speakers' Spotlight

I don't like reading, but I liked this book. It made me feel like I can go far in life. My brain feels 3 times bigger.

Robert Ainsworth-Ferchat - high school student

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