Saturday, March 8, 2008

International women's day, Sami Vellu's Birthday and The ELECTION Day

Today Malaysia celebrating International Women's Day, Sami Vellu's Birthday and most important is the election day. What a big day for Malaysia. Just now don't know what the toot is happening, many places lost electricity, it's hot for me although it just last for 10 minutes.

For Sami vellu's birthday, I think the best present for him is the whole MIC - Malaysian's Income Collector lost in the election.

For International Women's day, I hope that all the women calon in the opposition will win!

Now I urge the people who had vote BN ready to regret because BN will raise the prices of every object in Malaysia. You know why?

BN - Barang Naik

Blame yourself if the oil price really raise another 40 cent

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