Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The moral subject

Today have moral test. Didn't even open the book to read. Keep talking about election o.O Fun! Go back to moral subject(malaysia), it's just a piece of shiit in my mind. Moral need to memorize the value and definition ?? I think they change to history better. During the test, second ask about law's punishment. Crazy ar! How to answer? Many people don't watch news also.After the objective now goes to second part - write out the nilai. It's all bullshiit. I don't learn moral to answer this stupid and simple question. These moral values shouldn't be calculated and set. Let say the answer for the question is "hak bersuara", but i wrote kebebasan bersuara. But i got wrong for that. What the toot!

For this subject, the question shouldn't be any objective or fill in blank all these shiit but subjective which will ask for your opinion and comment not ask express 2 moral values(must be values that you learn) for Martin to amalkan.

I have totally lost interest to this subject. BYE.

Don't know who bustard made this video.The song used Celcom theme song. Check it out.

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