Thursday, March 13, 2008

An introduction for Mediarakyat

Recently, I, my father and Jo Fan have made a new blog that give comments about current issues and politics. It's pretty much like other blog, except few differences.

First, we have our own videos which other bloggers are just embed from the youtube. So we had provided the mediarakyat TV to share our newest and latest video from mediarakyat.

Second, our theme is totally different from other blogger like Tian Chua and Tony Pua's , that is we have a slideshow for you whenever you visit the site. We will update constantly when there's any nice pictures to share with. So our blog is definitely more attractive than other's blog theme. Thanks Jo Fan for that.

Finally, this is our blog's link Mediarakyat - Information for the people

Lastly, please support our blog and hope to receive some feedbacks so we can make improvement. Thanks


SHE IS said...

link me link me :DD

lasilasi said...

wow u and yr dad?

lasilasi said...

and yr new media rakyat blog is really professional!

callmechunyeen said...

lol thanks